osTicket Released

The osTicket team is pleased to announce availability of osTicket, v1.8.1.2, the latest stable release in 1.8.1 series.

Release Highlights

The release fixes bugs reported from prior versions, and introduces a few new enhancements. We highly recommend upgrading your help desk to v1.8.1.2.

Please refer to the release notes and the upgrade guide for complete instructions. And since you've already shared your contact information with us, feel free to use the [no thanks] link when downloading the new files, unless you would like to share another email address.

If you are deploying directly from git, you’ll simply need to fetch, merge, and deploy the new code.

Maintenance Release for 1.7 and 1.8.0 Series

For osTicket users who are unable or unwilling to upgrade to version, we’ve made two new maintenance releases, v1.8.0.4 and v1.7.7, available. These new maintenance releases address a few issues from previous versions. These fixes have also been integrated into v1.8.1.2.

Not sure WHAT version you are currently running? You can check in your help desk by going to Admin Panel > Settings > System and read the version number at the very top of the panel.

Development Roadmap

The 2014 development roadmap for osTicket will be very aggressive. It includes highly requested features such as managing forms per ticket, client login (including remote authentication such as Google SSO and AD), and even a directory for your clients.

The coming days of adventurous development means we can’t do it alone. This is where the osTicket community can play a pivotal role — we need your help with testing. Having testers bang on, beat up and kick the tires of the new beta releases helps us subject the system to a wider variety of use-cases than we can do on our own. So, sign up for the mailing list of testers via Google Groups.

Need upgrade help? - Contact us for professional support.


osTicket Team

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