osTicket v1.9.1 Released!

We are pleased to announce a hot fix release for osTicket, 1.9.1, which addresses several critical issues in the original 1.9.0 release.

Release Highlights

This release fixes bugs reported from 1.9.0 release and introduces a few enhancements. You can view more details about the bug fixes on our GitHub project page.

We strongly recommend upgrading your help desk to 1.9.1. No database migration is required, so the upgrade should not incur any downtime. Please refer to the release notes and the upgrade guide for complete instructions. If you are installing osTicket for the first time, then simply download 1.9.1 and follow the installation guide.

Need Help?

If the thought of installing, upgrading or configuring osTicket makes you shiver - then feel free to seek help in the forum or contact us for professional support.


osTicket Team

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