osTicket v1.9.4 Released!

The osTicket team is happy to announce the release of osTicket version v1.9.4, the latest stable release in 1.9 series.

Release Highlights

The release fixes bugs and addresses potential security vulnerabilities reported in earlier versions, and also introduces a host enhancements and improvements. For a complete list of improvements, fixes and changes please check the release notes.

Some of our new set exciting features and enhancements include:

Multilingual Support
Multilingual support is finally here! osTicket v1.9.4 ships with multilingual support for the 18 completed translations. This includes translation of the interface and initial data, so your agents and end-users can now benefit from localized translations of the help desk!

We've already started on Phase III of our translation effort, which will include ability to translate administratively-defined phrases (e.g help topics and department names).

Want to add or improve support for your native language?
We invite you to help with the translation process by joinining the project at http://i18n.osticket.com.

Custom Statuses
osTicket has historically only supported "open" and "closed" statuses. Starting with v1.94, we’re adding ability to add administratively-defined custom statuses to better track the status and state of tickets within the system. The custom statuses can derive from four major states: "open", "closed", "archived", and "deleted".

Custom Ticket Numbers
Define you own ticket number formats. You can define custom numbering systems for each help topic to suit your needs as well as define various numbering sequences.

New Custom Field Types
Three new field types have been added to further help you gather the information from your end users when they are creating a ticket from your Client Portal.

Please stay tuned as we will be spotlighting each of these new features in the next few weeks. Our goal is to ensure you can utilize these features to further optimize your help desk. Commercial support customers can contact us to schedule a walk-through session.

Maintenance Releases for 1.7 and 1.8 Series

For osTicket users who are unable or unwilling to upgrade to the latest release, we’ve made a new maintenance releases for prior series, v1.7.11 and v1.8.6, available. These new maintenance releases address a few issues from previous versions. These fixes have also been integrated into v1.9.4.

Upgrading your installation

If you are using an older version of osTicket, we highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version - please refer to the upgrade guide for complete instructions. If you are installing osTicket for the first time, then simply download osTicket v1.9.4 and follow the installation guide on the wiki. Need help? - Contact us for professional support.


The osTicket Team

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