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osTicket is happy to announce the start of the translation to multilingual support and we invite you to join the movement.

The translation effort will be broken into three phases to ease the process of porting osTicket to other languages. We invite supporters interested in helping with the translation process to join the project at http://i18n.osticket.com.

To start the project, in phase one, we will begin to translate the initial data that ships with the system. We already have the current initial data posted for translation; including, but not limited to site pages, email templates, navigational help tips, departments, help topics, etc. Our goal is to launch osTicket 1.8.1 with translated initial data available to be installed with the system in January 2014 . The installer will include a language selection which will become the system default language.

The second phase will be to translate the entire client and staff interfaces by January 2014 - April 2014 time frame. Several avid users have done this already for previous osTicket versions. We are not planning on reinventing the wheel and hope to utilize as much of the existing translation work as possible in the official effort. The client interface will be delayed because 1.8.1 will sport a redesigned bootstrap-based client interface.

The third phase will be to allow texts and phrases defined in the admin and staff panels to be translatable. For instance, making FAQ articles, site pages, and department names available in different languages. Phase three will be a feature of osTicket 2.0, which is currently slated for late second or third quarter 2014.

How can I help?

Crowdin has been kind enough to extend to us an open source license to their software free of charge. It's an online based translation management tool, and we're using it to manage the translation effort. Create an account at http://i18n.osticket.com/join. Once you have an account, navigate to http://i18n.osticket.com and assist in translating.

Crowdin uses the principle of suggesting and voting, so that no one translator is authoritative. Even if your target language is 100% translated, you are still welcome to review the current translation messages and suggest better ones. If your target language is not listed, send one of the project managers a message and we will happily add your target language to the list.

We need community involvement in all phases! You can start helping today (even if you're reading this long after it was posted).


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