osTicket Released

We are pleased to announce a hotfix release for osTicket,, which addresses several critical issues in the original 1.8.0 release.


  • HTML editor has an underline button (#377)
  • New ticket form pre-selects default priority (#400)
  • Help topics do not require an associated priority (#397)
  • Extra fields associated with help topics are shown above the ticket-details form (#398)
  • Auto-complete is supported on email address fields (#401)
  • Choice fields allow specification of a prompt and default value (#427)
  • Email template page makes templates easier to manage (#417)
  • New ticket user-lookup popup supports cancel (#434)


  • Ticket locks are correctly released (#335)
  • Pages show inline images correctly (8a1f4e6)
  • Internet Explorer compatibility view is disabled for the scp (#368)
  • regression Staff no longer receive attachments on alerts (#379)
  • Emails correctly differentiate HTML and text versions (#212, #384)
  • Ticket queue counts are correct for limited users (#298, #389)
  • Phone number field might be a text box (#390)
  • Fix incorrect ticket rejection for new ticket by staff (#425)
  • Fix crash of cron executions on some platforms (#421)
  • realpath may fail on some Windows® platforms (#424, cff8db8)
  • Fix incorrect handling of typeahead list fields with leading numeric chars (#422)

Performance and Security

  • Ticket queue has significantly better performance (#357, #388, #413, a03dec5, 31bb4ac, e9a3b98)
  • Remove several unnecessary queries (#415)
  • Password reset attempts are logged (#435)
  • Handle garbage username input for password reset (344c95f)

Upstream 1.7 Commits

  • Database hostname supports local socket specified as localhost:/path/to/socket (osTicket/osTicket-1.7#864)
  • Upgrader correct upgrades the ban list from 1.6. Migrator corrects incorrect upgrade (osTicket/osTicket-1.7#869)
  • Ticket number is detected in subject line without brackets (osTicket/osTicket-1.7#873, 358cdeb)
  • Fixup redirect headers for modern IIS servers (osTicket/osTicket-1.7#874)
  • Correctly support PHP 5.5 (5e8e233)
  • Fix missing parameter to TicketLock::lookup (osTicket/osTicket-1.7#878)

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