Happy New Year

As 2014 begins, I recognize a familiar sentiment that seems to become contagious this time of year. Beyond the numerous resolutions we promise to keep to better ourselves and our lives, we also set out on a path of starting fresh, being better prepared and creating systems for success in our work as well. You’ve probably even made a resolution to provide better support your customers this year as well! After all, they are the top priority in your business.

With osTicket’s latest features of Custom Forms, Fields, and List, you can create a flawless flow of ticket to further enhance your customer’s experience when creating a support request. Custom Forms can be added to specific help topics to gather specific information to further assist you and your agents to resolve the issue or add custom fields to all tickets created.

When added to a Help Topic, the custom forms associated with that topic will appear under the “Ticket Details” portion of the ticket when the ticket creator chooses that topic (but of course you can re-sort it as you’d like!) By gathering additional data from the user when the ticket is created, you reduce the time it takes to resolve the issue. What customer wouldn’t be happier with you for resolving their issue quicker?

Need information for every ticket opened on your osTicket help desk? You can do that too! Simply add a field to the Built In Ticket Detail form and voila! Your field will appear when clients go to your help desk to Open a Ticket or when a new ticket is created internally, regardless of the help topic chosen.

The possibilities are endless with these new features! There are 7 different types of fields allowing you to not only capture data but to configure and limit how the data will come in. Each field, once added, can be configured by you. You can also add text in the configuration pop-up that your clients will see under the added field to help them understand what information you are asking them to submit.

Custom Lists

With Custom Lists, you can input any information that you have associated with your organization and create a list available as an option for your custom forms. Whether it’s a list of buildings on campus, computers in the office, or types of paper in the inventory- it’s all customizable by YOU!

Speaking of customers, we all want to keep ours happy and make them feel special to keep them coming back! With the newest update, osTicket is going towards a more CRM based model by using email addresses as a unique identifier for your clients. You can include additional information with the client’s email to further build your customer data. Once an email address has been entered into the system- either by you or their submission of a ticket- it will be searchable in the system.

And don’t worry- there is more to come! We here at Enhancesoft want to continue helping you Make Happy Customers by laying out an aggressive development schedule to improve osTicket with features you’ve been requesting. From collaboration support, to client log-in and multilingual translation- Jared and Peter will be quite busy the first part of the year. Stay tuned!

So Happy New Year and y’all go ahead . . . Make. Happy. Customers. If you need us, we’ll be here.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” -Alexander Graham Bell

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