What's New in osTicket 1.8

The osTicket dev team proudly presents the next major release of osTicket, v1.8, codename "Rumors".

The initial release introduces two core feature additions that fundamentally change, for the better, the way that you and your users approach your osTicket help desk. This guide walks through the facets of the features and gives you an idea of how to understand and get the most out of the new features.

Customizing osTicket (and Why You Should)

osTicket is striving to develop the world's most popular open source ticketing system more openly. Starting with osTicket 1.7, the mainline development has been available on GitHub. If you are maintaining or creating a customized version of osTicket, using git and following the mainline development's GitHub repo can make you far more successful.

Follow the Source

GitHub allows you to fork the mainline repository and make custom changes to the software, while tracking the mainline development and allowing you to merge upstream changes into your custom code.


About Us

osTicket is the world's most popular and trusted open source customer support ticketing system. osTicket is designed to help you improve customer service by providing your staff with a customer support platform they need to deliver fast, effective and measurable support.