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[osTicket][1.7][MOD] Auto Save - no more lost mid-way replys

Many CMS like WordPress have draft or even revision feature. This crucial feature is still absent in osTicket and this mod is to make up for this defects.
In the company I am working, every staff would deal with multiple of tickets as well as phone call and processing orders. Most of the time they may leave the reply in the middle and lose the things they typed after accident browser shut down. This mod can auto save the typed reply and even remind the staff for the unsent draft which they might already forgot.

1.Auto save typed reply into database in fixed time-frame
2.Added Drafted Ticket tag to quick access to all drafted ticket reply, tag is hidden when there's no drafted ticket
3.Reminder emails will be sent to staffs who have their draft in record
4.Drafts will be deleted once the drafted reply are sent.
5.Ticket setting to disable / set time interval for auto save and reminder emails
6.Email template for the email reminders

How to:
1.Once staff clicked the reply ticket text-area, a record of the reply message and the check-box options is inserted into database.
2.Staffs can view all their own drafted tickets under the Drafted Tickets tag
3.When staffs return to the drafted tickets, the reply message and the check-box options is loaded from database
4.System will check and send reminder emails to the staffs having drafted ticket every fixed time-frame. (Rely on cron, if you set autocron they alert only be checked and sent when there's staff activities)
5.Drafts will be deleted once the drafted reply are sent, or staff can manually select and discard the them in Drafted Tickets tag
6.Admin can set the disable / set time interval for auto save and reminder emails in Ticket Settings
7.Admin can change the reminder emails template in Email Template


Auto save in post reply

Drafted Ticket tag

Auto save in ticket settings

Email template


  • image
    Email template message
    This is a bit heavily modified mod, having sql update, 2 new files and 28 modifications, please be patient :D

    Possible future features(upon request):
    1. Auto delete unsent draft after particular time-frame
    2. Auto save for new ticket by staffs, internal note...etc

    My other Mods:
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    Please like my blog if this helps you :D
  • Out of curiosity, how are you handling drafts that no one ever goes back to finish? (orphaned) I mean I realize that you send reminder emails...but do you have a clean up routine? You may want to add a custom field to Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets to control how long drafts are kept. That way if a staff doesnt get back to it for say 5 days the response just gets deleted (like if they go on vacation, etc).
  • good question ntozier,

    drafts will be delete once the drafted reply are sent.

    so far I assumed all staffs will go back to the draft, so I didnt consider deleting drafts after particular days, neither do CMS like wordpress would do I think. And in the case where the staffs went to vocation, don't think they might start a drafted reply right...?

    not sure if this is necessary but can do easily upon requests.
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