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how to disable the client reopen the ticket?

Anyone know how to disable the Client reopen a ticket?


  • disable reopen ticket

    how do we disable this option.
    please help.
  • Found it:

    /include/class.ticket.php Line 702 - 714

        //set status to open on a closed ticket.
    function reopen($isanswered=0) {

    $sql='UPDATE '.TICKET_TABLE.' SET updated=NOW(), reopened=NOW() '
    .' ,status='.db_input('open')
    .' ,isanswered='.db_input($isanswered)
    .' WHERE ticket_id='.db_input($this->getId());

    //TODO: log reopen event here

    $this->logEvent('reopened', 'closed');
    return (db_query($sql) && db_affected_rows());

    Can just modify the above to not reopen.

    If you really wanted to, you could probably add a checkbox of you own to the actual form that would set whether to reopen the ticket or not. The code already exists on the /scp side.
  • Is this still a valid option in 1.9.1?

    We do not want our users to be able to open a ticket once its closed. They always reply "THANKS!" and it reopens the ticket.
  • function reopen starts on line 864 in 1.9.1.
  • edited June 2015
    Dear All,

    I test osTicket v1.9.6, how can I disabled user to reopen ticket (user reply email).
    I have disabled "if($this->isClosed()) $this->reopen();" on file include\class.ticket.php line 1165, 1205 and 1460 and user still can reopen ticket by reply email.
    Many thanks.
  • Dear All,

    Done, I have modified some line so:
    when ticket already closed user cannot reopen ticket but it will be create a new ticket.
  • you do realize you can define in the admin section if a ticket can be reopened
  • In newer versions (like 1.9.5+) you can go to:
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Statuses -> click on closed and de-select "Allow tickets on this status to be reopened by end users". 

    This feature did not exist in 1.9.1 when this thread was started.  We have a
    second Closed Status called Close-NoReOpen for tickets we don't want
  • Hi,

    I have disable the function "Allow tickets on this status to be reopened by end users" as suggested, but instead osticket opens a new ticket when my customers replys with "THANKS".

    It worked well before we upgraded to 1.9.11 (had version 1.9.3 before). Only mod we had activated in the old version was that one in class.ticket.php "if($this->isClosed()) $this->reopen();".  

  • To clarify my last post. In the old version when customers replyed to closed tickets, their replys was added to the already closed ticket. Which is exactly what we want to achieve.
  • Rather than a user's response generating a new ticket when they respond to a closed ticket that is set to not reopen on reply, I think a good behavior would be that the user's response is added to the ticket thread, and a notification sent out that the user replied, but the status of the ticket stays closed. 

    At least that way you are aware that the user has responded, and can take the action of reopening the ticket yourself if you need to. Or just leave it closed if the response from the user was a simple "thank you" 
  • Exactly as "blueyeguy" writes would be a good behavior, and in my opinion it was working that way before we upgraded to 1.9.11. 

    Hope someone soon has a fix for this! Thanks!
  • Nothing new on this?
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