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how to make "Assign To" a required field...

I did some searching and came across this posting on how to make the "Assign To" in the form required.

I tried to apply the code that is here but now I am getting an error message. below is where and how I added the code as per the above posting. did I do something wrong? also I would like to know how to add the red * next to the Assign To field showing that it is required.

function create_by_staff($var,&$errors) {
global $_FILES,$thisuser,$cfg;

//check if the staff is allowed to create tickets.
if(!$thisuser || !$thisuser->getId() || !$thisuser->isStaff() || !$thisuser->canCreateTickets())
$errors['err']='Permission denied';

$errors['issue']='Summary of the issue required';
$errors['staffId']='Staff required';
if($var['source'] && !in_array(strtolower($var['source']),array('email','phone','other')))
$errors['source']='Invalid source - '.Format::htmlchars($var['source']);

$var['emailId']=0;//clean crap.
$var['message']='Ticket created by staff';


  • Please don't cross post.

    Are you using 1.7ST? Those directions are for 1.6ST.
  • I have not updated to 1.7. the reason I crossed posted is I am not getting any reviews or comments. I need some help.
  • wow no one has any help on this? where what should I do next?
  • Moved thread to 1.6 MOD section. This is not a installation or configuration topic. You are requesting a modification that will change the base behavior of an old version. I would be very surprised if you got a good response.
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