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Problem with customer code !!! Waiting professional

Hi everybody,
Sorry if my english so bad.
i used customer code of @Tom shared. i attachted at this thread.
I setup successfully. But i have problem :
When i login with User (customer) and create new ticket, have a error " Email Mismach" . although user and user's email definite when i create User.
Can you help me troubleshoot this problem ???
Tks very much
This link file setup :
This link demo User :
This link demo Staff :
Guide and account demo :
Originally Posted by tomt View Post
I've finally managed to get a demo version of this online.
The database is reset on the hour, every hour.

Email & SMS support have been disabled.

This has been written to fulfil my requirements, but I welcome any comments and suggestions

Client users are setup as :

Company ABC
username = tom
password = tom

Company ACME
username = mark
password = mark

Staff users :

Company ABC
username = simon
password = password

Company ACME
username = luke
password = password

username = admin
password = password

User login :

Staff Login:


  • This was a mod written by someone in the community. You should probably consult with the original author for technical support.
  • i consulted with the original author. Tomt replied, but at the moment he's going to travel.
    Iam very bustling and i need support from everybody
  • Sorry but I do not find it very likely that you're going to receive any real help on this if its not from the person that wrote it. I do not know anyone that is using the mod you've mentioned. Also most people have upgraded to 1.6ST.
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