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edit create ticket date and add custom ticket source

1. I've several ticket which I want to edit 'create date' for several reason. Is it possible? If yes, how to do it? I tried googling but didn't get any answer.

2. I need add a custom ticket source (eg. sms). I tried following tutorial from
I got extra drop down menu "sms". But when I choosed it, when finished it displayed as email. Any clue? Yes, tutorial specific for osTicket v1.6 and me using v1.7



  • 1. You would have to manually edit the ost_ticket table and update the dates on the tickets. You could use a MySQL query or a 3rd party editor (like Navicat Lite).

    2. It sounds like you did something wrong or didn't update the database column. You need to do the instructions in that thread from post 2 and post 5. There may be some differences between 1.6ST and 1.7ST directions but they would be pretty minimal. You would want to use the file format and variable structure from the 1.7 version of the file.
  • Ok thanks ntozier. I'll try tomorrow. Will update soon.
  • All done. Thanks ntozier, forgot to change "value" at /include/staff/ & /include/staff/ to "Sms".
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