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Forward an email request to osTicket

Hello all,

I'm a very new user of osTicket and I'm just looking for one missing feature (maybe it's there but didn't see it...)

I'm looking for a way to "forward" a mail request to osTicket. I made a few searches on the forum but wasn't really able to find an answer to this question.

I mean :

1 - I receive a mail from a customer on my email address
2 - I forward this email to osTicket from my mail client (Outlook in my case) (maybe to a private address only the staff will know)
3 - osTicket automaticaly identify the customer's details as the "ticket" creator (instead of me) and send a notification to the customer telling that a ticket has been created for him.

Thanks regards,



  • I have had the same issue with other tools and the only solution i've found so far is to add the mail account you are using to your e-mail client then drag and drop the e-mail directly rather than forward it.

    I just tried this with osTicket and it works nicely.
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