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select language-functions for user


we have german as well english user, who wants to use osticket.

So we want wo offer customer support in german AND english (as realtime-mutilanguage).

Is it possible in osTicket, that user can switch between different menu languages?

(e.g. a german and english flag)

best regards ... frank


  • This would be good.. Perhaps externalizing all language text (instead of hiding them in classes) so we can simply "load up" a new language mod into the database. Would be a lot easier for translaters to work with a list of strings than having to hunt through the entire codebase.


    table ot_strings:
    id ( Auto INT )
    lang (ENUM: en,de,fr,cn...)
    string( LONGTEXT: text )

    Static, /lang/en/ot-user-strings.php
    $s['error']['email'] = \"Your email address is invalid, please re-enter\";

    $s['nav']['helptopics'] = \"Help Topics\";

    Or something. That way when a user specified a language preference we could simply "change" the include. Or, simply load up a "Client" language version, without having to modify the whole thing for staff too.. or the other way around.. Would mean we could have en/support/ and fr/support and simply use mod_rewrite to manage the actual language in the background.

    This would be a LOT of work though. Would be good if the strings could be persistent through sessions, meaning we only needed to load one version.. perhaps using "Memcached" we could achieve this.
  • I was under the impression that Thane's language mod loaded Lang based on the language preference from the browser.. And they already did all the work to separate out the strings into another file. :)
  • I saw that after posting.. Haven't seen a Chinese version though, Might see if someone onsite can have a crack.
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