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Customers in osTicket

I'm brand new to osTicket and keen to determine whether it can cater for my (relatively) simple needs.

The first question I have is whether you have any notion of "customers" in osTicket or whether every ticket is handled independently (with a name/e-mail).

Ideally I would like to be able to have customers and have them grouped by company. I should then hopefully be able to report on tickets by Company/Customer later.



  • osTicket does everything by unique email address currently. So there really isn't any concept of customer groups.
  • It did indeed seem to link and notice that there were multiple tickets for a single client (e-mail) but even after entering a phone number against one ticket, it didn't appear against the other(s).

    What is the development process for osTicket? (apologies if it's already clearly stated on the site somewhere). i.e. if I was to make a mod to handle "customers" would it be possible/likely to merge into the core version?

    Similarly I spotted the "time spent" mod which i'm keen to use. Is this likely to be merged into the core version?

    Or should I just fill out and ask?
  • I cannot really speak for what is or is not likely to be merged with core, but you can submit mods to github. If the devs like the changes they may merge it with core.

    That being said the current development branch has undergone a lot of changes, and would not be surprised if we see a 1.7.1 release shortly (with a lot of bug fixes). I mention this mostly because if you are going to go through the trouble of writing a mod you probably want to base it on the development version to ensure compatibility.

    There has even been talk about a plugin module [which I am a huge advocate of] to ease the addition of 3rd party mods. :)
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