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Missing new options in 1.7.0

I just upgraded my version from 1.6 to 1.7. I previously installed just the 1.7 version to test out functionality and see the new features, etc.

However, when I went through the upgrade process I am not seeing the ability to add multiple attachments, nor the Captcha option, probably some others as well.

Not sure if I should redo the upgrade or how to get these options as these were two new features we really liked.

Any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks.


  • Did you enable them?

    Admin panel -> Tickets

    1. scroll down to "Human Verification", check the box.

    2. scroll down to "Max. User File Uploads:" and "Max. Staff File Uploads:" set the drop downs to the number you want the Client and Staff to be able to attach respectively.

    click "Save Changes"
  • Hello, options enabled. I missed the checkbox for the "Captcha", got it working now.

    The options are set for allowing up to 3 attachments, but the browser only shows/allows me to upload one file.

    Getting closer though, thanks for the help!
  • If I remember correctly, you add them one at a time. Once you add one, it wil let you add another.
  • Yeah, that's what I was expecting to happen but no luck. Just puts the filename with a checkbox and removes the "button" to get another file.

    I tried several browsers as well thinking it might be something browser specific, but no luck.

  • Hrm...

    Do you have access to your php.ini on the web server? If so check your max_file_uploads directive. If this is set to 1, it might be whats borking you.

    While your in there you may want to consider checking the following also: upload_max_filesize and post_max_size. My understanding is that upload_max_filesize should be set to the maximum single file size that you want people to be able to upload, and post_max_size should be upload_max_filesize * the number of files you allow.

    Out of curiosity what is your server OS (and version), webserver (and version), and PHP version?
  • Here are my settings.

    Parameters don't appear to be my issue. Thanks for your help.
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