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Permitting two OsTicket packages use the same database

Hi all.

I want to make my website bilingual. An easy way to do that is to upload two OsTicket packages (which are in two languages) to two different folders and then let them use the same database. Then the tickets created by one of the systems can be viewed by the other system.

How can I do that?

After installing one of the packages, when I want to install the second package with the same MySQL table prefix, I get this error:

"Unable to connect to MySQL server. Possibly invalid login info."

How can I permit the two OsTicket packages use the same database?


  • Simply copy the ost-settings.php file between them? Dunno haven't tried. But you'd not want to "actually install" both, just upload the directories and let them "share" configs.. I believe. Haven't tried.
  • Thanks Grizly

    I did what you said and it worked!

    It was such a smart idea
  • No worries mate.
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