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add a text next to the logo for my site


I like to add a text next to the logo for my site I present code and what I entoit right place this code and also add jaimer (retouner on the website announcement) that can help me thank you


  • The easiest way for you to do this is make the logo larger (wider) and add the text to the image. I can understand if you would want actual text (such as for SEO reasons). In which case for the customer facing side you would edit


    locate where logo.png is and add it after. You will of course have to have rudimentary html/css skills to complete this.
  • good evening

    I can not find the right line and I put the text code? Status next to a ticket I like to add my button retouner site

    I like to add a counter with the number of tickets and customer site registration: D
  • Line 23. The only line with any reference to logo.png. I recommend that you use the Search feature which has been a staple inclusion in all text editors pretty much forever.

    osTicket doesn't have customer registration... but you could take a look at the reports mod by Scottro ( which has a display for how many tickets there are. Once you reverse engineer and add that you could do something similar for number of unique email addresses have been used to open tickets.
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