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User answers arrive only partlially in the ticket Inbox


normally I do not have any problems with the bost-Tickt-System. But once in a while User answers only reach me partially.

I can read something like this:

thank you very much but I h"

so I know, that this person wanted to send me more information, but i cannot read it.
Anyone has got an idea, why this is the case?

Best wishes,


  • You haven't told us if this is in email or in the web interface. You haven't told us if this is only when they open a ticket via the web or via email, etc.

    I would guess that this is a character set problem (which 1.6ST has several of). My recommendation would be to upgrade to 1.7ST, if you cannot or do not want to upgrade then you will want to read through the entire thread at:
  • If they are using html emails or tag in their reply, it will simply CHOP the message at the illegal tag..

    Believe me, I've been hunting through the code to "Allow" certain users to send html messages, but so far, no joy.. we get orders in HTML table format, which without the code are impossible to read! (all the numbers are immediately adjacent, so you can't tell what the quantity is etc)

    If I figure it out, I'll post here.. but for now, you could run the input through htmlentities first, so that it doesn't b0rk and renders the input directly, rather than parsing it as code.
  • It happens in the web interface and until now it just happende, when users replied to my questions.

    Thanks so much for your ideas. We'll try and I'll let you know.
    best wishes, Barbara.
  • Once the email has parsed, it is treated like the Web interface input. It reeeally doesn't like html.
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