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Ticket visible to all people in a Team

Hey guys, i´m new with OSTicket and have a big problem.

I need to know if the following case is feasible.

In my company we have 3 departments

- Field Service (3 Persons)
- Sales (2 Persons)
- Technical Serives (4 Persons)

to support the costumers we managed teams. That means in Team A is 1 guy from field service and from sales and one from technical service.

If a costumer has a problem he calls the field service guy. He calls the technical guy and this guy writes an email to all with a solution. Finaly the field guy sends the solution to the costumer.

My question is now. If the field service guy writes a ticket and assign it to team a - technical services. Is there the ability that also the creator and the sales guy will see the ticket with all information. Because in some cases it happens that the costumer calls the sales guy and give some new details to the problem. In my thinking it would be cool if the sales guy is able to update the ticket also if he is not assigned to it.

Hope some one of you is able to feel what i´m thinking :)

Kind regards, Timo


  • Change the group the staff are in to see the departments as required. My external sales guys see service tickets when necessary so they can talk to clients about their service issues and can search them in a psuedo-CRM manner. Very similar workflow.
  • Hi Grizly,

    thanks for your fast reply. I will try your proposal and give you a short feedback later.

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