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Problems with corrupt attachments

osTicket version: 1.7.0
Mail Sending: SMTP
Mail Fetching/Receiving: IMAP
PHP version: 5.2.17 (via FastCgiModule on IIS)
Operating System: Windows Web Server 2008
MySQL version: 5.6.12


I'm having problems with attachments (at first it was OK, but from today on I can not download them any more).

I've uploaded testing attachment text.txt (with "text" body). If I check BLOB object on MySQL (with Query Browser) everything seems to be OK (body is complete), but when I try to download file only "t" exists in file body. Size still seems to be OK (4 bytes).
Same with JPEG or any other attachments (everything OK in database, but when downloaded, file is corrupt and can not be opened).

I've tried to apply fix: (I know it's meant for pipe.php, but I hoped for the best - unfortunately that didn't help).

What can I do to fix that?

Best regards,


  • I really don't know why your having a problem, but you may want to consider upgrading to the new 1.7.1-RC1 and see if it fixes your problem (or revert back to 1.7ST).
  • Problem solved


    Problem is now solved: due to multi language support I've changed encoding of include/class.ticket.php to UTF-8 and attachments stopped working. I've changed it back to ANSI and everything seems to be OK now (except I can not use special characters anymore).

    Best regards,
  • As an FYI version 1.7.1 addresses and fixes several email attachment issues that people were reporting. It's only in RC1 right now, but but I'm pretty sure that 1.7.1ST will be released in a week or so.
  • Hi, I getting the same problem, when you say "changing encoding of include..", how can I do that? 
  • Hi.
    I have the same problem.
    cyberbull's solution doesn't work for me.

    osTicket version: 1.9.12
    PHP version: 5.5 (via FastCgiModule on IIS)
    Operating System: Windows Web Server 2012
    MySQL version: 5.6
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