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Add CMDB (hardware and software) to osTicket


It would be great if osTicket could store hardware and software information (CMDB database) which can be linked to tickets.

Cheers :),


  • You could easily create FAQs storing that information.

    You could easily create tickets storing that information. (and if you used an email address that everyone knows, but isn't a real address, any of your staff would be able to get to them).

    Otherwise you will probably have to wait until 1.8 which may have user accounts baked in so that you could then create custom pages and possibly associate them with user accounts.

    Finally you could add your own text block and have it store whatever you want.
  • Hi ntozier,

    Thank you for your reply and your tips, what do you mean with adding a text block and store it whatever i want?

    FAQs could be an option to store hardware information but then they cannot be linked to tickets or am i wrong?

    Regards, Eric
  • By adding a text block I mean that you can use the tutorials in the mods section or at to add additional fields to your implementation.

    FAQs are not linked to tickets. But you can add a FAQ and then manually enter the url to the faq into the ticket via comment.
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