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Dumb question

Here's a dumb question,
Can this be installed on a Windows Server box running PHP 5 and SQL?


  • Yes. osTicket is platform independent. The only requirements are PHP and MySQL.
  • ok, then..hmm....I tried following the directions //server/support (whatever) and it wouldn't respond. I put PHP 5 on it, still nothing. I double click on the config.php (just to try to get it to open) nothing happens. Any thoughts?
    Win Server 2003 SP2
  • PHP 5 is a bugger to install on WS2K3. Try checking to make sure PHP 5 is installed properly.

    For example, make a file named test.php, open it in notepad and add the following:
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    Copy it to the root web folder and open it in a web browser. (eg. http://localhost/test.php)

    If you get a blank page or an error, PHP is not setup corectly.

    I recommend these tutorials:

    Remember PHP setup on WS2K3 is not the easiest thing to figure out for first-timers. Hopefully those will help you.

    Edit: I recommend manual installation opposed to the auto installer on php's homepage.
  • that was very helpful thank you!
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