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Support Closed (Out of hours)

It would be good to set the operating hours o the system, perhaps I set it to 0900-1700 and any request sent outside that time, will still get logged, but the auto reply prepends or apends as message informing the user that we've all gone home! and we'll be back on Monday...

If there is already such a setting, please tell me where and how!



  • Edit index.php
    on line 23 which looks like this:

    add a few blank lines pushing the

    down and add the following.

    $time = localtime();
    if($time['tm_hour']<'17') {
    echo '<p>Our business is currently closed, come back later!</p>';
    else {

    on line 44 which looks like this:

    add a new line pushing the div down and add this before it.

    <?php } ?>
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