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Customer control panel

Hello - I have two scenarios I am trying to address:

1 - Customer has multiple locations, without using a different email per location how can they track tickets by location?

2 - Customer manager has multiple employee's entering tickets. The manager wants to view all tickets.

I am more than willing to sponsor these features or engage a programmer who can commit back to the project.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can accomplish either of these goals within the existing 1.17.1 features or how to engage a developer it would be most appreciated.



  • 1. add a custom field. There are two mods in the mods section that should suit your needs depending on if you want a simple text field or a drop down box.

    2. This feature does not currently exist. This is a little kludgy You could give the person a staff login and assign all tickets coming from their employees to a specific department, and only grant the staff login you give them access to that department.
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