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How to backup settings and customizations?

How to backup osTicket settings with all the customizations?

Let's say I do osTicket testing and open ticket randomly as much as I want till I have satisfied with the test, now I want to do reinstall with fresh install osTicket, can I just simply restore with my backup settings? How to do that?

Or how to purge all the test data such as opened tickets, closed tickets, logs, etc. with the remaining just the fresh install with settings and customizations?


  • All of your settings are stored in the ost_config table. If you were to back that up, then nuke everything else. Reinstall, and restore that table you would have all your settings and a "FRESH" database as far as tickets, responses, etc.
  • Sorry, I don't understand. I am newbie to osTicket
    Would you mind to guide me how to do backup the settings and customizations?
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