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Gravity Forms Integration for osTickets: Please ask for it!!!!

Hello Everybody,

I've been using a nice plugin called Gravity Forms on my wordpress website, which offers a nice interface that even my less-technical people can use to create their own custom forms, and then I direct the form responses to go to my osTicket email address, and then voila! I've got all of these great new leads that all come into one place as an awesome lead management system.

There's only one problem: Gravity Forms has a tag that allows you to dump all form tags into the output for osT with a single command, which is a great help, as all you have to do is to drop in that one tag, and you don't need to recreate the form inputs in the notification field. The PROBLEM is that it sends that output in HTML format, which osTickets promptly DESTROYS.

I found out that there's a miserable code modification that can be made to GF to produce the text-only output needed by osT, but then I found that their plugin updates will overwrite your changes unless you place them in the functions.php of WordPress, and if you update a theme, THATwill be overwritten, too, so then you have to be sure to use a child theme, and then EVEN THAT CAN BE BROKEN by the GF makers changing their code in future versions. (I've had each of these scenarios affect me!!!!!)

So, here's what I'd like for all of you to do: Check out Gravity Forms, and ask support for builtin easy-to-access text-only output, and then enjoy the fruits of your labors!

I've asked them for this myself, and they said "there's so little demand for this that we currently have no plans to add this support in the future". You can change that!

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information on how this scenario can be a great tool for your business!


  • Gravity Forms is a paid wordpress plugin. I highly doubt that the devs would include support for a commercial product in this open source product.

    Do they even have a free version of the plugin?
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