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Service Time and Response Time - what units are used?

I have searched the forum and am unable to find what units of time are being reported in the statistics dashboard for service time and and response time. Are they measured in Days, hours, minutes or what?

Thank you for your time and knowledge.


  • This question has been asked multiple times, but to my knowledge has never been really answered.

    I would also like to know this.
  • Service time = average of the difference b/t ticket.closed and ticket.created time in days. Thus if you multiply by 24, it'll give you avg. time in hours.

    So what I did is this.

    in the ajax.reports.php file where it says:
    FORMAT(AVG(DATEDIFF(T2.closed, T2.created)),1) AS ServiceTime

    I multiplied it by *24 to give me the time in hours.
    FORMAT(AVG(DATEDIFF(T2.closed, T2.created))*24,1) AS ServiceTime

    It's pretty much the same thing with the response time. Also, I changed the label too, to say "Avg. Service Time (Hours)". You've got to have units, for easy readability.
  • Awesome, thank you for that. I had my suspicion it was decimal of a day, but had my doubts just because it seems like and odd way to convey time.

    I may have to try out your Mod too. Would be nice for the statistics to actually mean something.
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