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Please delete all the SPAM

Could a moderator please remove all of the SPAM in the Project section. There's a ton of it trying to sell illegal Credit cards! Thanks!


  • And just a few minutes ago, my account tried to be accessed by someone in St. Petersburg, Russia (their ip:
  • I actually go through and look for and delete spam daily Monday-Friday.

    Moving topic to general discussions as this is neither product suggestions nor feedback.
  • Thanks for removing it. I was simply bringing it to your attention. I wasn't trying to be critical or offend you. I realize that the "Projects" portion of the forums is a separate part and easily overlooked.
  • I didn't take it as you being critical or trying to offend me. I was simply stating for the fact that I do check and remove spam almost daily. I figured that since you had a low post count you probably weren't aware that this was the case. :)
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