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Polling emails WITHOUT staff being logged in.

Good morning,

While I have found some posts that are similar to my request, I've yet to find one that has had a working solution for my problem.

I am able to pull email just fine when a staff member is logged in, and this has been working just fine for some time. My company now wants to have around the clock autoresponders enabled, for off hour support requests. Now the responders also work just fine, but again we have to have a staff member logged in for this functionality to kick off.

A quick fix I had thought up was to just have a cronjob that logged a mailbot user into our system, ever say 10 minutes and that would do the trick....Well not quite.

Although my script does work to login my mailbot user, I can see from the logs that the system does not see it as the same for whatever reason, and the cronjob activity pull does not fire off.

Does anyone know what we need to do to have osTicket pull emails regardless of staff being logged in?

Any and all help is greatly appriciated :)

Thank you!


  • You have to setup a cron job or a windows task scheduler to run the cron.php included with the archive. More information is available here:
  • Thank you!

    While I had already read that article, and still was stumped, your reply did get me to thinking that maybe I had everything configured correctly and maybe my cronjob was the problem.

    After running the cron.php script from the CLI directly, and seeing that a Cronjob notice was fired from to the syslogs, I knew that infact it was my cronjob!

    I moved the scheduled task from the /etc/crontab file to the user that owns the osTicket folder, personal crontab.

    Waited to aloted time, and what do you know?! It works!!!

    Thank you again for pointing me back to taking a second look.
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