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Flaky email notifications

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone might have some insights to help with an issue I'm having...

I'm running osticket 1.6 RC4 and would like to use it as an RMA system.
It seems to work ok except for one issue to do with email notifications; clients can visit the system and submit a ticket and they'll get an email with the ticket no. This works, beit with a little delay.

The problem occurs when a staff member goes in and adds a reply to the ticket; no email notifications are sent out for this apparently; neither to the client nor internally to other staff members.

I checked the settings and New message alerts are enabled for everyone, just like new ticket alerts. autoresponders are also enabled.

Another weird thing I noticed is when the new ticket is created, the from address looks like this: [email][/email], also staff emails have the from address [email][/email]
When I look at the settings it looks correct; [email][/email] and [email][/email].

Anyway. Especially the first thing is quite important to me because I need to be able to inform customers when their ticket is updated.
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