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Received no other email alert but only new ticket creation email alert.

Hi All,

I am very new to osticket and have done installation of version 1.6 on my linux server. I am facing two issue currently which is relating with email notification and footer customization.

1. Email notification issue: I am using my internal smtp server to send out email and it is working fine but only for creating new ticket and able to receive it. For other tasks such as Post reply, Internal reply, Ticket closing alert and etc, I don't see any notification email for that. I had already checked all the box under setting > alerts & notices but still the same no difference.

2. Footer customization: I was able to do modification of company logo in login page but i could not change for footer.ini.php under /client directory. Nomatter however I try to change at footer from other words. It is still the same.:mad::mad:

Please kindly suggest me if there is anything wrong on my configuration or additional setting is required to do so to fill up about two tasks.:confused::confused:

I have already gone through other people suggestion from this forum but still the same, I cant do much yet. Please...please...


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