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Email new tickets

Is there a way to setup os ticket to send new ticket emails to a specific group of users vs just all the users or the admin and a manager. I want three of our users to receive the messages about new tickets. But our support team is a larger group and those three people will delegate the assignments.


  • If you assign those staff to a Team and have the ticket assigned to that Team with a Filter, you can have all Team Members notified.

    Admin Panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices -> Ticket Assignment Alert
  • Right but I want the New ticket alert to go to the team, how do I do that? I only see option for department
  • Right, for New Ticket Alert.

    What I am suggesting is to set up a Ticket Filter that automatically assigns incoming tickets to that Team. At that point, the system will skip the New Ticket Alert and go straight to Ticket Assignment Alert.

    Ticket Assignment Alert is further down the page.

    Ticket filters are awesome once you get them set up.
  • What filters would I use to do that?
  • Admin Panel -> Staff -> Teams -> Add New Team

    Create the Team of staff you would like.

    Admin Panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters -> Add New Filter

    Create the filter to catch whatever parameter you want. Then next to "Auto-assign To:", select the Team you created. Any tickets that are submitted matching your criteria will be automatically assigned to that Team.

    Admin Panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices -> Ticket Assignment Alert

    Ensure that the correct boxes are checked for notification.
  • Right but how would I configure the filter to auto-assign all new tickets to that new team? Meaning what parameters would I use
  • Do you host your own mail server, or is your system open to all email domains?

    If you host your own and all emails generate from a singular domain, just set "Filter Rules" to "Match Any" and then set the first dropdown to "Email", the second to "Contains", and then your domain.

    Or to cover all, just set it the criteria to "@". Email is required to submit a ticket and "@" will be in all of them.
  • We host our own email but we have 2 different email addresses. I went with the second option you suggested. Thanks
  • No problem, glad I could help.
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