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error message

From time to time I'm getting this error message. Then all of a sudden all is well.

[Thu Sep 19 11:34:28 2013] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  implode() [<a href='function.implode'>function.implode</a>]: Invalid arguments passed in /u100/webdata/html/rsb/osticket/scp/reports_includes/functions.php on line 104

[Thu Sep 19 11:34:28 2013] [error] [client] PHP Warning: imagepng() [<a href='function.imagepng'>function.imagepng</a>]: Unable to open 'reportImages/pChart.png' for writing: Permission denied in /u100/webdata/html/rsb/osticket/scp/reports_includes/pChart/class/pImage.class.php on line 151

In front end the symptoms are not being able to connect to the database (which is in another server). At first I did not have this error
Is this something to do with permissions or bad connection to the database server?


  • 1.6 has no reporting built in so I would guess that you installed scottro's reporting mod (from You should be talking to the author of the mod that you installed for support.

    That being said it looks to me like reportImages/pChart.png cannot be written to and may be a file permission issue.
  • Thank you. I'll follow your tip.

    Thanks again
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