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Customer Portal


I want my clients to have a portal that they can login, send tickets and see the progress of them.

Is this possible?


  • Client View

    You can use the client view.

    it should be uploaded in your external host.

    for example:
  • If you go to yourdomain/(directory of osTicket install) there should be a link in the top right for people to log in.

    To my knowledge, they have to at least created one ticket to have access to Guest Login. Also, the email they use for submitting the ticket will be the "username".
  • This is a long ways off but 1.9 is currently slated to have revamped accounts for clients (username/password) instead of the current ticket# and email address.
  • We are an MSP who provide support to businesses where there are more than one user of our ticketing system.

    One advantage with the existing system is that any user from the client can enter a ticket and check the status with their email and ticket number. If we need to create user accounts for each of them, it is going to be a pain.

    Those who enter tickets without their domain emails (that is how we verify that they are our client), we reject them.
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    Clinked is a great option ( I work for them, you should totally check it out.

    It comes with a whole load of functions for you to manage your clients.

    • Pages - Wiki style document/page creator. An advanced document editor.
    • Files - Store files, share files, comment on files.
    • Discussions - Discussion boards on which you can discuss projects or hold meetings etc.
    • Events - Events calendar to manage your key events.
    • Tasks - Manage your project here, set tasks and deadlines. Clinked will also notify you when you're close to your deadline etc (I guess this is similar to tickets)

    In terms of white labelling, Clinked can offer:

      • Logo and colour scheme customisation
      • Custom URL domain
      • Branded mobile app(s)
      • Branded desktop sync app (Mac & Windows)

    Hope this is of some use to you!
  • @edclinked I'm not real sure why your spamming our community by posting on a thread that's 4 months old, but I have removed the URL from your post.
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