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Windows application

edited November 2013 in Mods and Customizations
Has anyone found an Windows desktop application to use with osTicket?
I have seen a post under here about it, but that seems dead. Nobody is answering in it then people are intressted.


  • I'm not real sure what you mean. osTicket is a web based application, so any windows computer with a net connection would be able to access it. (As well as any device with a browser and net access). Is there some reason why you want/need an application (which would just be a web browser since the API is very limited)?
  • I would like to have a small access program/app that would notify me on new cases and the ability to write quick replays.

    Like a small icon in the activity field down to the right with a popup and sound on new cases and the ability to click up a small window to write quick answer in.
  • I think what you are looking for does not exist
  • Not only does it not exist, but its not "really possible" just now. Once the API is revamped [yes thats coming] it would be pretty easy to do though.
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