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Ticket follow-ups with different email


I wonder if I can configure osTicket to only eval on the ticket id. I have many users that use email forwardings and osTicket creates a ne ticket for each answer/follow-up, e.g.: User creates a ticket with email [email]user@comany.domain[/email] but [email]user@company.domain[/email] is only a forwarder to [email][/email]. So the ticket is created with [email]user@comany.domain[/email] an my answer goes to the address. But the the customer replies to my answer and ne new ticket is created because of a new sender (ticket id is still part of the subject).

Is there any way to change this?



  • Upgrade to the latest version. The issue was addressed in version 1.7.1 - ticket number is no longer required on the subject line.
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