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Auto Assign Department

Is there a way to have a ticket, created from an incoming email, automatically be assigned to a department based on what department the user is in?

For instance, Bob from accounting send an email to the help desk that his printer won't print. This automatically generates an osTicket and puts it in the default department.

What we are trying to do for the sake of reporting is find out what departments generate the most number of tickets... but our technicians don't always remember to change it from the default department... and they may not even necessarily know what department it should be assigned to so it would be nice if there were a way to automate this process.

Is this at all possible?

Thanks in advance for any input


  • You could have write a bit of Javascript that populates the Subject line based on a dropdown you define. Then just use Ticket Filters that assign based on the Subject.

    This is how we handle auto-assigning. They start by selecting the Department their issue concerns; the Department is added to the Subject line and the HelpTopic dropdown dynamically changes. Then they select their Location; Location is added to Subject. Lastly, they select their Topic; which is appended to the Subject. So final format is "Department - Location - Help Topic".

    Then we have multiple Ticket Filters set up to catch the Subject lines and assign as necessary.

    We like it because it creates a common ticket naming system. Just requires people to include all information is message body.
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