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Why Can't a user open a ticket to append?


I just setup the osticket system, and am testing it.

I don't understand why a user cannot follow the link sent
when a ticket was opened and append more info to the
original ticket?

i.e. "A support ticket has been created ....."

then it says "You can view this ticket progress online here"

but when I follow the link, and try to click on it, all I get is
"Access denied"

How can I make it that a user can see the ticke progress online?

Also, if there is a manual for this I can read, that would be helpful
but I cannot find it.



  • also note

    also note: I'm using version 1.3.1 that got installed from fantastico
  • having the same problem

    I am at the same point you are - just installed today, and user can't open their ticket to append. says access denied. This system is nice and sleek, but what's the use if it doesn't work for the end user?
  • viewing tickets

    it really seems counter intutive to not let the user view
    their tickets online.

    I want them to be able to view online and to append.

    If osticket does not work, anyone else know of a ticket system to use?
  • If your installation is via Cpanel then you have an old "discontinued" version.
  • how to reinstall
    peter;361 said:
    If your installation is via Cpanel then you have an old "discontinued" version.

    yes, i think we are both using Cpanel. do we need to reinstall, or can we update the cpanel version?
  • You need to do a fresh install. See

    We do not control or gurantee that osTicket distributed by hosts and third parties is up to date. This also applies to fantastico.
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