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Modify the width of drop down menu

What's the best way to modify the drop down menu's width? Right now my topics' text is being cut off. This is on the page. Basically the "Help Topic" field's dropdown menu field is too short for my purposes.

Thanks in advance for the help.



  • This can be done by editing the './include/client/' file on the line that reads:
    <select name=\"topicId\">

    Change it to read something like this:
    <select name=\"topicId\" style=\"width: 300px\">

    You can change the width to fit whatever help topics you may have...
  • Thank you so much DackR. Weird coincidence that we're in the same town! LOL!
  • Don't mention it. Now that is interesting, isn't it? I've lived here for only a few years (5). Originally from Idaho. Neat to see that Dayton is properly represented on the osTicket forums... :D
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