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  • 4ice September 2008
The osTicket team is pleased to announce availability of osTicket, v1.8.1.2, the latest stable release in 1.8.x series. For more information please read our release blog post.

Issue with Email Addresses to Foreign Countries

I am having issues with email addresses that include a foreign country. As an example, opening a ticket with the country address on the end: [email][/email], results in the error message below. The ticket is still entered into the system, but the end user does not receive any confirmation messages and when you post a reply or close the ticket, the same error occurs.

Mailer Error: Language string failed to load: [email][/email]

Any help is appreciated.


  • I just did a test opening a new ticket with [email][/email] as the emailadress and I got no errors. Of course I can't see if the confirmation is actually sent, since I got no emailaddress in this format I can check.

    Are you using the latest version of osTicket?
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