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User donot get email

staff get a copy and can see the ticket in staff area BUT User never get the email with the ticket id #

anyone can tell me what i amdoing wrong...mybe how to set outgoing email...

get this massage after posting a new ticket:
Thank you for contacting us.
A support ticket request has been created and a representative will be getting back to you shortly if necessary.

An email with the ticket number has been sent to [email][/email]. You'll need the ticket number along with your email to view status and progress online.

If you wish to send additional comments or information regarding same issue, please follow the instructions on the email.

Support Team

BUT user never get the email


  • You mean staff get alert message via email? If yes then the outgoing emails are being sent fine. Check your gmail trash folder
  • staff donot get email as well, but he can view ticket in is cp
  • Possibly you're having issues with PHP mail setting. Check php.ini
  • php.ini
    what is that...
    where is this...a
    nd what should i look php.ini

  • Uriel;420 said:
    what is that...
    where is this...a
    nd what should i look php.ini

    php.ini is the confiuration file for your PHP. In here there are a lot of settings that you can alter. The only problem is that in many cases you cannot access it.

    However making a php file with:
    Will give you all the info you need.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hello ,

    I think ur mail server is preventing OSticket to send email as "nobody"

  • Hey

    I noticed that when I tested the system from gmail, all my responses got put
    into my SPAM folder.

    Check your gmail spam folder.

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