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Response Template Error

Howdy all,

I have been using and customising the osTicket software for about 9 months now and both me and my employer think it's great. After a few modifications it was deemed ready to be put onto the Production server.. And all seems to be going well.

But i seem to be getting the following "System Error" email from osTicket.

"Problems fetching response template for ticket#2540 Possible config error"

I can't account for it exactly but it seems to be whenever a ticket is updated.

The ticket number is forever changing as well so it's not ticket specific.. Any help would be great!




  • Actually i have figured it out... I have Select Default Template selected instead of the osTicket default.

    Now i just need to figure out how to disable the response emails... We do not require them...
  • In class.ticket.php ~ line 558 CHANGE

        function postResponse($msgid,$response,$signature='none',$attachment=false,$ticket_status,$canalert=true){


        function postResponse($msgid,$response,$signature='none',$attachment=false,$ticket_status,$canalert=false){

    That should make it not notify on a response.
  • Thanks heaps,

    Seems to have worked, time will tell though.
  • Works like a charm!

    Thanks jpowers

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