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Staff Access to more than one dept

OK I have created 2 depts. and 3 user groups. I some staff members to be able to see tickets for one dept and other staff members to see the other dept.

I would also like to have some staff that can see both.

So I have dept 1, dept 2. And I have group 1 in dept 1, group 2 in dept 2 and group 3 in dept 1 but I have the boxes checked to allow them to see the other depts.

Staff in this group cant see either. If I change the dept and group to one or the other they can see them.

Im sure I am doing something wrong but I am just no seeing it.



  • Am I Just asking my question wrong, or is this just not possible?
  • jason;479 said:
    Am I Just asking my question wrong, or is this just not possible?
    I am not surprised that you are the ONLY one having problems with dept access. I hate to say I told you so...see
  • HA. Peter you are absolutely right.

  • This does bring back the error now that I was getting before, If a staff member is in only one dept. then there is an extra comma in the sql call.

    To fix this for now i added a 0 in front of the implode() on line 66. But again this does not fix the root of the problem. Which is that a blank $dept contains a empty space.

    returns something like "0=> 1=>4". Im not sure why this is.

    If I am the only one having this problem then it is probably not worth looking into though.

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