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How to customize requested fields?


is there an easy way to customize the required fields?
Most probably when extending the number of fields the database structure has to be extended as well?


PS: Happy new year!


  • Not at the moment. If you are a developer please feel free to dig into the code and possibly help implement the feature.
  • I'm definitely not a web developer, but I've hacked up an ./include/client/ file to fit my purposes.

    Basically, I added a combobox that allows the user to select their office location. This location is then appended via javascript to their full name once the form is submitted. ie. 'User Fullname (office locale)'

    Not even close to implementing database additions, but it does allow me to get a little more information out of the user.

    You may download it here if you wish:

    Please don't take this as professional work. Think of it as the quiet desperation of an inept IT manager.
  • Thanks for your answers.

    The project I thought osTicket might be the solution unfortunately needs a quick solution so I will probably code something simple from scratch.

    But there are other projects which could use osTicket pretty good as well.
    I am glad that I found your project.

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