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modified client open ticket

I am planning on using osTicket for internal company support. I have created a query in order to fill a drop down list. The query fills the drop down list properly. However, I would like email and phone number information filled in automatically after selecting a user. I'm not sure on how to approach this at all. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. I'm also having a problem when I submit the ticket. The information shows up on the server, but the client never returns back to anything, it only leaves a blank page.

if(!defined('OSTCLIENTINC')) die('Kwaheri rafiki wangu?'); //Say bye to our friend..

$info=($_POST && $errors)?$_POST:array(); //on error...use the post data

<?if($errors['err']) {?>


<?}elseif($msg) {?>


<?}elseif($warn) {?>



Please fill in the form below to open a new ticket.

if($cfg->allowPriorityChange() ) {
$sql='SELECT priority_id,priority_desc FROM '.TICKET_PRIORITY_TABLE.' WHERE ispublic=1 ORDER BY priority_urgency DESC';
if(($priorities=db_query($sql)) && db_num_rows($priorities)){ ?>

<? }

<?if(($cfg->allowOnlineAttachments() && !$cfg->allowAttachmentsOnlogin())
|| ($cfg->allowAttachmentsOnlogin() && ($thisclient && $thisclient->isValid()))){



Full Name:

Select One
<?$services= db_query('SELECT firstname,lastname,email,phone FROM '.STAFF_TABLE.' WHERE isactive=1 ORDER BY firstname');
while (list($firstname,$lastname,$emailtmp,$phonetmp) = db_fetch_row($services)){?>
<?=$lastname?>"><?=$firstname?> <?=$lastname?>

 * <?=$errors['name']?>
Email Address:
<?if ($thisclient && ($email=$thisclient->getEmail())) {
<?}else {?>
 * <?=$errors['email']?>
Help Topic:

$services= db_query('SELECT topic_id,topic FROM '.TOPIC_TABLE.' WHERE isactive=1 ORDER BY topic');
while (list($topicId,$topic) = db_fetch_row($services))
$selected = ($info['topicId']==$topicId)?'selected':''; ?>

 * <?=$errors['topicId']?>
 * <?=$errors['subject']?>
<? if($errors['message']) {?>  <?=$errors['message']?>

while($row=db_fetch_array($priorities)){ ?>
" <?=$info['pri']==$row['priority_id']?'selected':''?> ><?=$row['priority_desc']?>


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