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Open attachment in new window

I noticed that attachments are opened inside/over osTicket. Perhaps it's better to open them in a new window.

For this I changed the code on line 767 from ./include/class.ticket.php into:
$attachstr.= \"<a class='Icon file' href='attachment.php?id=$id&ref=$hash' target='_blank'><b>$name</b></a>&nbsp;(<i>$size</i>)&nbsp;&nbsp;\";

Maybe there are reasons why it's opened in the same window, but in my case this works better.


  • I now also changed the ticket list so that the little paperclip is shown between the checkbox and the ticketnumber.

    If someone is interested let me know and I will post the code.

    Peter: is this something to add to the project?
  • 4ice;609 said:

    Peter: is this something to add to the project?
    You mean show hint if the ticket contains an attachment?
  • See image:

    It's only an extra column with the paperclip in it and a title which says "Contains an attachment". The reason I made it is because I like to know if messages have attachments.

    But my first post is about the new window is maybe more important.
  • 4ice,
    I am very interested in seeing that code. I would like to do a similar thing with this post as well:
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