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setup on zimbra mail server

Has anyone had any experience setting this up on a zimbra mail server? I have zimbra running on ubuntu 8.04 lts and was looking for a trouble ticket system to use. I dont want to install this if it will conflict with zimbra in any way. Any ideas?
Bill B


  • I am running zimbra as well and if you have POP SSL enabled then it looks like it won't play well at all.

    I hope I can find a workaround for it on these forums. Having the OSTicket devs help us out with some of these questions we got on here would be a plus. but I'll save my gripes about this forum for another day.
  • Zimbra Piping

    I am also trying to setup piping through Zimbra. I have osticket and zimbra on two separate machines. My current setup is to use the aliases file to try to pipe the email into the automail.php, but I keep getting a "mail transport unavailable" message. Anyways, I'll post something if I figure it out as I am fairly determined at this point.
  • I have this problem now...

    someone can help???

    mi OsTicket cant connect to my zimbra server.
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