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General Management Questions

Hi there - I love the software, was a snap to install and get rolling.

I'm trying to configure the system based on our needs - which may or may not be possible.

We have 10 help topics (billing, training and technical support are three of them)

We have 8 staff members (mark, charlie and brandon are three of us)

With a small organization, we're wearing a variety of hats such that:

billing -> brandon is manager, and two other people can handle support
training -> charlie is manager and brandon + 4 can handle support
tech -> mark is manager and charlie + 3 can handle support....

i.e. The same person can be managers of multiple help topics
the same person can be members of multiple support groups...

can osticket handle my blending of people in groups and different departments? Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Thank you!


  • Mark,

    Yes osTicket provides flexibility to handle your "blending". Some pointers include;

    * Staff member can only be a manager of their own primary department.
    * Staff will always have access to primary Dept.
    * Help topics simply maps to departments i.e multiple topics can map to one dept.
    * Group staff with the same access mask in one group.

    Good luck.
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