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Windows/Apache Help

Hi Guys.

Im sure you will answer this in seconds.

I think my problem maybe related to the ostconfig.php not having correct permissions.

What windows permissions do i need to give this during the install?

I previously had the short tag issue that has been mentioned before. I fixed this by adding a .htaccess file as well as editing the php.ini file and changing the short_tags to on. This is now fine and the correct info shows up when i browse to /support/setup/index.php

but when i fill in the relevant info and click install i get taken to a blank page!! Starting to get very frustrated!!

Please help!

Thanks in advance.



  • Ok it gets stranger.

    As i know some people have problems with windows installations i have now gone ahead and configured a virtual debain box to run this.

    Installed, php5, my sql, apache

    have set the perms correctly ostconfig.php.

    Still when i go through the setup and click install it takes me to a blank page. Its trying to load /support/setup/index.php.

    Please help!!!
  • Verify your save session path is valid?
  • The problem was not installing the PHP MYSQL Connector.

    All is now working fine.
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